How to Get Him to Like You! TRUTH REVEALED

You sit staring out your window, stars in your eyes, lost in your own thoughts. You hear nothing but the sound of his voice, you see nothing but his beautiful blue eyes. Just thinking of him sends chills down your spine and brings a smile to your face. You feel a warmth spread through your body, anxiously awaiting your next encounter with him. This is when reality shakes you from your sweet, conscious dream, and you think to yourself, “He doesn’t even feel the way I do.” Fear not! You can change this; you CAN get him to like you.1. Build Your ConfidenceYou are awesome, this is the first thing you have to realize about yourself before you use your amazing powers to make him like you. Let’s face it…the only men who like women with zero confidence are controlling losers. Good men, on the other hand, want a woman who oozes confidence from every cell of her body. This is not a free card for arrogance, but be comfortable with who you are. Show this man of your dreams you are sweet, confident, interesting and secure with yourself. He will love it.2. Show Your Sense of HumorMen love to laugh, and although they have their serious moments, they like to have fun. If you really want him to like you, then honey, you need to learn some jokes. If you are not good at telling jokes, then learn how to laugh at his, even if you do not find them funny. Make sure not to overdo it, though. Laughing too hard is obvious. Try the cute laugh with a soft touch to his arm, telling him how funny he is. Men love compliments you know.3. Keep an Open MindMen love it when women have an open mind about activities they enjoy. So if you want him to like you, willingly participate in some of the recreational sports he likes. Even if you are afraid of heights, and he wants to take you rock climbing, give it a whirl. As long as he has safety equipment, like his strong, comforting arms, it is worth it.4. Keep Your Own ScheduleAs much as you enjoy spending time with him, you must give him time to miss you; time to realize how awesome you are and that you are perfect for him. Yes, it might stand to reason that the more time you spend with him the larger the stars in his beautiful blue eyes, but it doesn’t always work this way. In some cases you become the insect he wants to repel if you spend too much time together.5. Go for the Big OneWho says it is the man’s job to make the first move? Did Elizabeth Cady Stanton organize the woman’s suffrage movement and fight for women’s rights for nothing? If you really want him to like you, pull out the big guns. That’s right, pucker up and plant the sweetest kiss you have in you, on him.You have the ability and the power to make him like you. The power lies within you. You must determine how badly you want this to happen, though. It does not require magic potions or spells, just confidence mixed with a sense of humor, an open mind and the tenacity to make the first move.

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