Humorous Travel Insurance Claims

The specialist travel insurance providers are quite used to processing claims involving common holiday calamities, injuries and illnesses. Every day they hear horror stories about travellers who’ve contracted tropical diseases and broken bones during extreme activities. However, the most serious and dedicated experts must have experienced great difficulty restraining the laughter when processing the kinds of claims highlighted in this article.Lost BaggageThe first story involves an old man who was particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of taking a luxury cruise. Unfortunately he was unable to cope with the bad ocean conditions and his dentures fell out during a particularly severe instance of seasickness. The man was apparently able to put up with the indignity for the rest of the trip, however he made a travel insurance claim for lost baggage! Lose.Monkeying AroundA couple from the United Kingdom sensibly decided to travel insured when visiting Malaysia. They may well have been worried about the prospect of developing potentially serious diseases and encountering criminals in the Far East. However, the Malaysian monkeys caused the greatest amount of trouble during this trip. They stole the couple’s clothes and dispersed them throughout the forest. Thankfully their insurance provider was happy to process the claim. Win.Titanic RomanceStar-crossed lovers were so impressed by the Titanic movie that they decided to recreate one of the scenes during their own cruise. However they lost their camera overboard when attempting to capture the picture at the helm of the ocean liner. The insurance providers were unwilling to provide financial compensation to cover the cost of the lost gadget under the circumstances. Lose.Unlucky In LoveAn amorous man was thankful for having made the decision to travel insured after sustaining an injury during a beach break. He was so taken with the view of scantily clad women that he failed to take account of an impending collision with a lamppost. He broke his nose and learnt the importance of resisting lustful temptations when in potential danger. However, happily his medical expenses were covered under the terms of insurance. Win.Lovely Pair Of CoconutsSensible individuals who travel insured are usually aware of the important policy exclusions. However, a man from the United Kingdom was reported to have been surprised when his thousand pound claim for a pair of lost coconuts was rejected. His story should serve as a warning to those travellers who are eager to purchase tropical fruits during their holidays. Lose.Hidden CameraTwo responsible parents decided to travel insured on a recent tour of Cornwall. It was definitely the right choice, as they had to file a claim for a camera their young children buried at the beach. Unfortunately the family photos couldn’t be retrieved but they did receive compensation for the ruined camera. Win and lose.

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